Drain Stop Plus

Drain Stop Plus
  • Item #: DSP2M2F
  • Manufacturer: Senninger
  • Condition: New
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Drain Stop Plus is specifically designed for overhead irrigation to prevent draining from applicators when the system is shut down. This protects plants beneath applicators from damage and over-watering.

The Drain Stop Plus allows lines to remain full to help expedite system start-uptime and maximize initial zone coverage. Its unique three-in-one dial design (open, check, and closed) provides additional versatility. It has an easy-clean feature allowing the device to remain in place. A simple twist of releases the bonnet for debris removal.

1/2" M x F 

3-mode design

• Minimum opening pressure: 13.5 psi
• Minimum closing pressure: 3.5 psi
• Maximum operating pressure: 50 psi

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