Drip-A-Tron "Not sold in California"

Drip-A-Tron  "Not sold in California"
  • Item #: Dripatron
  • Manufacturer: Maz-Zee International
  • Condition: New
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Drip-A-Tron is formulated to aid in the cleaning of drip tubing and emitters of all mineral deposits carried by water. Clean plugged emitters of all mineral deposits carried by water and intermittent use allowing water to flow freely throughout the system for the season. Reduce costly emitter replacement and significantly cut maintenance cost. Activate dormant nutrients, enzyme and bacteria available to the crops. Can be mixed and applied with liquid fertilizer.. 1 gallon to 100 gallon of fertilizers. Applied with liquid fertilizers will avoid plugging up emitters and drip tubing. It helps nutrients in liquid solution to flow freely through drip tubing and emitters allowing even distribution of water and nutrients throughout the field. Increases fertilizer productivity also helps relieve plant stress on hot and drying conditions. Balance pH, break up calcium carbonates, alkaline alts and toxic chemicals in the soil and water.Biodegradable and nonpolluting. Water soluble    

NOTE  * There is an additional freight charge for the 5 galloncontainer, freight on order is for the 1 gallon.  Customer service will call with the additonal amount after order is placed. 

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