Hozon Siphon Mixer

Hozon Siphon Mixer
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  • Item #: Hozon Siphon Mixer
  • Manufacturer: Horzon
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Apply water-soluble fertilizers through a garden hose with this easy to use Siphon Mixer. The Hozon Syphonject draws a concentrated solution from a bucket through a flexible suction tube and then dilutes it with the passing water stream at an approximate ratio of 16 parts water to 1 part concentrate. Milled from solid brass, this indispensable garden tool will last for years. Not for use with drip irrigation.

Directions for Use:
Connect the Syphonject directly to an outdoor faucet. Connect a 1/2 to 5/8 inch round garden hose (no longer than 50 feet) to the Syphonject. A watering wand or lawn sprinkler can be attached to the other end of the hose. With the flexible suction hose connected to the Syphonject, drop the filter end of the suction hose (looks like a spring) into the bucket of concentrated solution. Turn the faucet all the way on. You should be able to draw 1 gallon of concentrate from the solution bucket in about 5 minutes of continuous watering with average water pressure. The back flow preventer, integrated into the Syphonject, will prevent any solution from flowing into the fresh water supply if pressure fails. An automatic check valve will prevent any back flow into the mixing pail if the siphon fails. Detach the Syphonject from your faucet when finished.

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