Plastic 3/4 Inline Filter

Plastic 3/4 Inline Filter
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  • Item #: 39-0
  • Manufacturer: Amiad
  • Condition: New
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These all-purpose filters are especially suitable for small emitter systems such as drip, spray nozzles, micro-jets, and sprinklers.  They are designed so that the direction of flow is internal and along the longitudinal axis of the cylinder, causing minimum pressure loss.  This direct flow principle causes the filtered particles to collect at the end of the cylinder where they can be easily flushed out by means of the 3/4" ball valve supplied with every filter.  The plastic used in the construction of these filters is non-corrosive and will stand up to "water hammer".  The O-rings ensure perfect sealing and the filter can be easily dismantled by a hand turn of the housing, no tools are required.

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