Redi-Heat Propagation Mat 12 X 10

Redi-Heat Propagation Mat 12 X 10
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  • Item #: 18813008602
  • Manufacturer: Phytotronics
  • Condition: New
Price $180.00
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  • Excellent for plant propagation or growing
  • Will heat up to 120 ºF
  • Provides even, constant heat to root zone for flats and pots
  • Designed for use on greenhouse benches or any flat surface
  • Easy to install, economical to operate and portable
  • Water-proof and fully grounded against electrical shock
  • Mats come with a heavy duty 5’ cord and a molded NEMA three prong plug for 120 volt AC current
Item backordered until 4/1/2012

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