Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets - Can not be sold to Calf.

Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets  -  Can not be sold to Calf.
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  • Item #: Rhizopon AA Tablets
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Herbaceous plants, such as chrysanthemum, are easy to treat using low concentrations by the Spray Drip Down Method or Total Immerse Method. The Total Immerse and Spray Drip Down methods can be used interchangeably. The active ingredients are absorbed into the leaves and stems the transported to the basal end where it induces root formation. The active ingredients are transported through the phloem to the basal end. It induces cell diffusion and root induction in the presence of oxygen and water. These methods retard bud formation; the cuttings to put their energy into root formation.

Use the pre-dosed 250mg IBA tablets with water to make your own freshest solutions in any concentration. You measure the dosage by simply counting tablets and mix into water.  A scale is not needed.

Container contains 200 tablets per pack.

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