Wireless Greenhouse Temperature Alarm System - Max Kit

Wireless Greenhouse Temperature Alarm System - Max Kit
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  • Item #: 2 GAD + 6 GAS
  • Manufacturer: Mayerfeld
  • Condition: New
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This Max Kit is everything you need to start monitoring 6 greenhouse / grow locations using the Mayerfeld Supply Company's Wireless Temperature Alarm System. Your Wireless Temperature Alarm System will be activated by using the 6 included "Temp Alert" Sending Units that will automatically set off the alarm when the temperature drops below or rises above the preset temperature limits.


This Starter Kit includes

  • 2 MSC Wireless Alarm System - Base
  • 6 MSC "Temp Alert" Sending Units
  • 1 Owner's Manual

Wireless Temperature Alarm System - Base Features

  • Audio alarm to notify of temperature change in monitored area
  • Dialer immediately calls programmed contact when alarm is triggered
  • Battery Backup
  • Up to 10 Sending Units can be linked with Wireless Temperature Alarm System Base

"Temp Alert" Sending Unit Features

  • Range of 700ft from Wireless Temperature Alarm System - Base/s
  • Adjustable lowest / highest temperature alarm range

Dialer Features

  • Non-volatile memory for voice message & phone numbers
  • Calls up to 4 phone numbers, any combination of telephones or pagers
  • Sends 16 second voice message to telephone or numeric code to pagers
  • Record your own message in any language
  • Easily change messages & phone numbers without a programmer
  • Voice chip technology (no tape required)
  • Automatically skips to next number with no answer or busy number
  • Tone or pulse dialing
  • Twelve character LCD display window
  • Internal play back speaker for voice message
  • Compatible with PBX phone systems
  • Compatible with DSL , Cable , & VOIP systems

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