Wireless Temperature Alarm System - Base

Wireless Temperature Alarm System - Base
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  • Item #: GAD
  • Manufacturer: Mayerfeld
  • Condition: New
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Mayerfeld Supply Company's Wireless Temperature Alarm System Alarm System monitors your greenhouse to detect temperature changes. Your Wireless Temperature Alarm System will be activated by using the "Temp Alert" Sending Unit that will automatically set off the alarm when the temperature drops below or rises above the preset temperature limits.


Wireless Temperature Alarm System - Base Features

  • Audio alarm to notify of temperature change in monitored area
  • Dialer immediately calls programmed contact when alarm is triggered
  • Battery Backup
  • Up to 10 Sending Units can be linked with Wireless Temperature Alarm System Base

"Temp Alert" Sending Unit Features

  • Range of 700ft from Wireless Temperature Alarm System - Base/s
  • Adjustable lowest / highest temperature alarm range

Dialer Features

  • Non-volatile memory for voice message & phone numbers
  • Calls up to 4 phone numbers, any combination of telephones or pagers
  • Sends 16 second voice message to telephone or numeric code to pagers
  • Record your own message in any language
  • Easily change messages & phone numbers without a programmer
  • Voice chip technology (no tape required)
  • Automatically skips to next number with no answer or busy number
  • Tone or pulse dialing
  • Twelve character LCD display window
  • Internal play back speaker for voice message
  • Compatible with PBX phone systems
  • Compatible with DSL , Cable , & VOIP systems

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